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New Start Up

Congratulations! You have either started up a new business or are planning to start a business. Many people feel that the need for accounting and bookkeeping services is not required until you been operating long enough to require a GST Remittance or a Corporate Tax Return filing. Please think again! Bookkeepers and accountants who have […]

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Build a Website

Have you noticed how you find information these days? Your fingers do the walking on the keyboard and your favorite search engine pumps out the options.  Most people are doing searches from their phones or tablets while on the move, and if your information is not readily available, you may miss the opportunity of gaining

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Payroll and Payroll Responsibilities If you are considering hiring staff, you will have a new set of responsibilities to your company and to the people who work for you.  You will be entrusted with the responsibility to retain and submit money on behalf of your people for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI).  You are also responsible

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