Edmonton Bookkeeping

Have you noticed how you find information these days?

Your fingers do the walking on the keyboard and your favorite search engine pumps out the options.  Most people are doing searches from their phones or tablets while on the move, and if your information is not readily available, you may miss the opportunity of gaining a customer and a sale.

If you have an online presence, how does the appearance and the navigation of your site compare to your competitors?  If your site is outdated, the first impression might be the last to a new visitor.  If your site is difficult to navigate your potential customer is likely to leave your site and head somewhere else.  The joy of shopping and getting information online is that it is impersonal and fast.  The customer is online because they want to get something done without having to talk to a lot of people, exchanging pleasantries and going through the options.  They usually know what they want or they are looking for the information to help them decide on what they want.

Keep it simple.  Balance your text and graphics to show people what you are talking about.  Keep the language simple.  Wrapping the language in industry specific jargon is great if what you do is technical, but if your customer cannot understand what they are reading, you will never know.  Your competitor just picked up what you lost.

Once you have an online presence, keep working on it.  Work on getting rankings to get yourself to the first pages of the major search engines.  Finding your website on page 22 of Google is not exactly a success.  Unless your customer is specifically looking for your name or website they will stick to choosing from the first page of Google or whatever search engine they prefer.  Don’t be afraid to hire the appropriate people to improve or build your website.  Your time and energy should be spent focusing on what you do best!

GOOD LUCK and see you on the net.