Edmonton Bookkeeping

Who should do YOUR Bookkeeping?

Figuring out what is a good deal?  It’s cheaper to do your own data entry, after all, you know where and how you spent your money.

Having good quality, accurate data entry will save you a lot of money when your books are submitted to your Accountant after your year end.  Sometimes, you save money in the short term, but it costs you a lot more to correct the data after the fact.

Ofter, the first job your Accountant will perform is to assess whether your books are accurate and whether they can count on the information that is presented to them so that they can complete your Financial Statements and the appropriate Tax Returns. If they find errors in the coding process, your Accountant will spend a fair bit of time correcting, and checking for other problems.

Most Accountants bill out in excess of $125 per hour. Do you really want your accountant doing your bookkeeping?

Ideally when you hire a bookkeeper, involve your Accountant. You will find people willing to work for $9 per hour, but what is the quality level of their work? Do they know what they are doing? Do YOU know what they are doing? I suggest you submit a months worth of documents to your Accountant after your bookkeeper is done and have them perform a quick check. This will cost you an hour or two of your Accountants time, but could save you thousands in the long run. Having the right people doing the right jobs will get you the accurate information that you and your Accountant needs.

You are the most qualified person to do your job, consider hiring a qualified bookkeeper to look after your books.